Installation Instructions

All of the products we produce at Galaxy Graphics are cut out of outdoor durable vinyl. The materials we use are manufactured to withstand the elements, as well as regular cleaning and maintenance. Commercial car washes, however, should be avoided for the first week after your installation.

Your custom lettering & graphics have been produced to be installed on the outside of your vehicle, unless you have specified otherwise. Accurate measuring and planning are the keys to a successful installation and a professional looking job.

  • Clean Surface
    The surface where the decal will be installed must be thoroughly clean. In most cases, Windex will do the job just fine.

  • Positioning
    Place your decal on the surface with backing paper still in place, taking measurements if you wish. Mark the corners with masking tape or Post-Its, so that you will know where to replace the decal once backing paper is removed.

  • Remove Backing Paper
    Remove the backing paper by rolling it off the decal, making sure all pieces of the decal remain on the transfer tape.

  • Application
    Apply decal to surface and rub smooth, working from the center out, with a credit card or squeegee.

  • Removing Transfer Tape
    Remove transfer tape by rolling it off at a 45 degree angle.

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